Transmission Service

Transmission Service in Oxnard, CA

Don’t Forget the Drivetrain

Much like every other system in your car, truck, or SUV, the transmission serves an essential purpose. However, because of its hidden nature, it can often be overlooked by most automobile owners. The transmission is responsible for sending power from your vehicle’s engine to the wheels to provide strength and speed for your car. The transmission also helps keep your car’s engine well lubricated and helps in the engine’s cooling process. With over 500 intricate parts involved with the transmission, it eventually needs to be serviced. While oil changes are typically required between every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, transmission service should be done every 25,000 to 30,000 miles.

If you need transmission service in Oxnard, California, bring your car to Mekaniks Plus Car Care Corner in Oxnard, California, today. We are committed to providing your vehicle with only the best in safety and performance, and our certified technicians are confident they can keep your car’s transmission functioning accurately and reliably. Aside from making driving as easy as possible for the driver, the transmission provides several benefits for your vehicle.So, what are some of the advantages that come with having your transmission regularly serviced? Let’s take a look.

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Service Your Transmission Today!

If your vehicle’s transmission is experiencing any problems or difficulties, come see us at Mekaniks Plus Car Care Corner today. With a professional team of certified mechanics, we provide comprehensive transmission maintenance and repair to leave your transmission looking like the day you bought it. Call us today at (805) 804-3555 to schedule a transmission service appointment today or stop by and visit us at 632 Pacific Avenue to speak with one of our staff members about how we can best serve you and your vehicle.

Why You Need Transmission Service

Cost Savings

As previously mentioned, a broken transmission can be costly to repair. With replacements usually costing anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000, keeping up with regular transmission inspections can be a much better alternative than replacing an entire transmission or car.

Improved Gas Mileage and Environment

Maintaining your transmission no only benefits you and your wallet, but it also helps the environment. A healthy transmission means your vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard, which in turn saves you money at places like the gas pump, but it also means a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Longer Vehicle Lifespan

When your vehicle’s transmission fluid is no longer lubricating all of the moving parts inside the engine, friction can build up and cause overheating to the point of engine failure. To change this, regularly changing your car’s transmission fluid can prevent this sort of devastation and keep your vehicle running smoothly for thousands of miles.

Improved Functionality

As mentioned above, overheating your engine can cause several issues, one of them being that transmission fluid can quickly turn to a thick sludge and clog your car’s gears and make it difficult to shift gears while driving. During a transmission inspection, you can ensure that your vehicle’s transmission fluid will be changed, gaskets will be replaced, and everything necessary will be restored to improve your car’s functionality on the road.