Oil Change

Oil Change in Camarillo, CA

Basic Maintenance for All Makes

Regular car maintenance is critical in protecting the health of your vehicle, but none may be more significant than regular oil changes. Your car is a fantastic combination of hundreds of moving parts working in collaboration with one another to get your vehicle from one place to another. But if your car has no oil, all of those metal parts will begin to rub against each other as you drive and create unwanted friction and overheating. Oil is what keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly on all cylinders. However, as oil moves through your engine, it picks up contaminants and becomes less efficient. Not only is it important to routinely change your car’s oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles to keep your engine fresh, but several other benefits come with replacing your car’s oil. For fast and detailed oil changes, you can always count on Mekaniks Plus Car Care Corner in Oxnard, California, to provide you with high-quality services. With our team of dedicated and experienced technicians, we use only products that are highly trusted to keep your car running for years to come.

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Auto Service You Can Trust

Whether you’re planning a road trip or your car is simply overdue for an oil change, keeping your car healthy will ensure that you can always go wherever you want, whenever you want. Call Mekaniks Plus Car Care Corner in Oxnard, California, today at (805) 804-3555 to inquire about our oil change services or stop by and see us at 632 Pacific Avenue. With our staff of certified mechanics, our customers will always receive high-quality service.

Perks of Routine Oil Changes

Prevents Sludge Buildup

As mentioned before, oil travels throughout your engine and picks up dirt and other contaminants along the way. While filters are designed to catch some of the accumulated buildup, some particles slip through and can gradually wear down your car’s engine. Giving your engine new, clean oil will allow it to run more efficiently and prevent unwanted damage from even the smallest of particulates.

Increased Engine Performance

Oil is what keeps all of the moving parts in your car lubricated, cool, and clean. Without oil, all of the moving parts in an engine will rub against each other and cause friction that will eventually cause the engine to overheat. Maintaining a supply of fresh oil is critical to preserving the lifespan of your engine.

Extended Engine Life

Oil is what brings the car together. By providing lubrication for the moving parts, your vehicle experiences less friction and handles the wear and tear of everyday driving with improved effort. By regularly changing the oil in your car’s engine, you can add years to a vehicle’s lifespan and keep it performing at optimum levels for thousands of miles.