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Transmission Service in Camarillo, CA

Expert Transmission Solutions -- Mekaniks Plus

While it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is performing as it should on all cylinders, the transmission is especially critical to maintaining a healthy car. Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears, delivering power to the vehicle’s wheels, and reducing the amount of work from the driver. Every car, truck, and SUV is designed with a high-quality transmission system, which makes keeping up with regular transmission service vital for every auto owner. Any broken, damaged, or worn part of the transmission can make safe driving nearly impossible, and repairs can be costly. For more information on all of our transmission services, call Mekaniks Plus European Specialties in Camarillo, California today. Whether your vehicle is automatic or manual, we know how to diagnose and fix any transmission problem alongside our staff of knowledgeable and expert team of technicians.

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Professional Transmission Maintenance in Camarillo, California

Maintaining the health of your transmission is essential maintenance. That’s why the certified professionals at Mekaniks Plus European Specialties are willing and able to take care of all of your vehicle transmission needs to make sure your car is always functioning at optimum performance. We are careful to ensure that critical procedures and only manufacturer recommended oils are used during every transmission service. If you need to schedule an appointment for your transmission to be serviced, call us today at (805) 487-8559 or bring your car, truck, or SUV to 130 Dawson Drive so we can take care of all of your transmission repair needs.

Advantages of Routine Transmission Service

Saves You Money

A broken transmission can be a devastating blow to your wallet when it needs to be replaced. With transmission replacements costing nearly $3,000, maintaining your transmission with regular service and maintenance can save you from spending a lot of money down the road.

Improves Your Gas Mileage

In addition to helping your bank account, a healthy transmission is also beneficial to the environment. The transmission makes your engine’s job easier. When your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, it emits less carbon into the atmosphere, which in turn also saves you a lot of money from always filling up on gas.

Increase Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

As mentioned, one of the transmission’s numerous jobs is to keep all of the moving parts in your car’s engine well lubricated. This prevents friction and heat from building up, which does nothing but hurt your engine. Regularly having your transmission inspected can ensure that the fluid is clean and working correctly to keep your vehicle safe.

Gives Your Car More Functionality

When an engine overheats, transmission fluid can quickly turn to sludge and prevent the gears in your car from shifting while driving. Regularly scheduling transmission maintenance and repair will help keep your transmission fluid clean, replace any worn gaskets, and restore everything necessary to keep your car functioning the way it was designed to.