Why You Shouldn’t Skip Maintenance

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Maintenance

Why You Can’t Skip Regular Auto Repair

No matter if you drive Jaguar or a Honda, getting regular auto repair is essential to keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the shop. If you happen to skip important maintenance, there’s a good chance a problem could develop. Our team at Mekaniks Plus in Camarillo, CA, knows first hand the risks posed when a vehicle doesn’t get regular service. What starts as a minor problem can devolve into a far more serious issue. A simple humming noise coming from the engine for example, could be the start of your engine breaking down. Below, we’ll share a few signs your car may need service, and the important reasons you shouldn’t ignore them.

Listening To Noises

One of the most basic ways to tell that your vehicle needs service is by listening to your vehicle as you drive along. If the engine sounds like it’s sputtering, it can be a sign of a fuel or exhaust issue. The issue may be a faulty fuel filter. Over time, this issue will worsen, eventually leading to the check engine light coming on. If you let the problem persist, you may need to have a catalytic converter replaced. This is very expensive and time consuming. If it’s not addressed, it can lead to a costly failure of the fuel pump.

Another tell-tale sound that you must not avoid is a grinding sound or vibration coming from your brakes. This may indicate that the brake pads are worn out or overheating. Ignoring these sounds will lead to hefty repair bills including replacement of the brake pads and rotors.

Other Warning Signs

Besides sounds, there are several other warning signs that absolutely can not be ignored. If you’re experiencing a drop in performance under acceleration, you may also notice a drop fuel mileage. In addition, if you don’t bring your vehicle in for regular oil changes, the old oil combined with dirt and other particulates will turn to a sticky sludge. This leads to the engine overheating and damaging itself. Another serious warning sign to watch out for is when your vehicle begins to roll or dive as you turn. It’s more than likely a symptom of a failing suspension. It will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you not to ignore even the tiniest sign of a problem with your vehicle. While we don’t recommend you visit a shop once a week, we want you to keep note of the vehicle’s condition over the course of its life. If you have any questions about needing auto repair, feel free to give us a call. Our team looks forward to talking to you soon.

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