What Can Impact a Car’s Wheel Alignment?

What Can Impact a Car’s Wheel Alignment?

What Can Affect Your Alignment?

As you drive your vehicle down the road, it’s subject to mechanical and environmental forces. It’s vital that you can keep your vehicle in a straight line without too much resistance. However, your vehicle may begin to sway from one side of the road to another if the alignment wanes. The reason behind can vary based on another of different factors.

At Mekaniks Plus in Oxnard, CA, our ASE-certified technicians understand that even the slightest bump affects your alignment. Sometimes, it comes down to mechanical parts wearing, and other times, it’s down to the myriad of road hazards in the greater Oxnard area. To better explain, we’ll share with you how your suspension and road hazards can greatly affect your wheel alignment.

Suspension And Modification

Though your suspension is designed to handle traveling over rough roads, over time it will begin to wear down and lose its function. Hitting a pothole or bump can throw your suspension parts out of place. The compromised alignment can also cause your tires to wear unevenly. The more pressure that’s put on parts like your shocks, bushings, sway bar and ball joints, the worse the alignment will become. The wear on the suspension will also have an effect on your steering.

You also may find your steering compromised by a worn suspension. The most notable example is having to hold your wheel off-center to keep the vehicle straight. Furthermore, modifying your suspension with a lift or lowering kit will affect your alignment. This is due to the manufacturer regulating the suspension angles based on the height of the vehicle. If you do any modification, you must also consider that the suspension will need adjustment as well.

Road Hazards

As mentioned above, hitting a pothole can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s suspension. It’s not the only road hazard to worry about, though. Doing something as simple as putting heavy items like bags or boxes in your trunk can change the geometry of your vehicle’s tires. Speaking of tires, it’s good to check their pressures periodically to ensure they’re up to standard. Another hazard to be aware are curbs. Some drivers will hop a curb by sheer accident and not think anything of it. The trouble, your tires may develop a blister, causing your vehicle to ride out of balance, plus damaging the tire.

Getting regular alignments on your vehicle will help mitigate all the problems listed above. It will also save quite a bit of cash in the long run. If you have any questions about wheel alignment, please give us a call. Our team looks forward to chatting with you very soon!

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