How To Tell When You Need Brake Repair

How To Tell When You Need Brake Repair

Why Your Brakes Need Changing

Of all parts and components that make up your vehicle, the brakes are, without a doubt, the most important safety feature. The basic function of your brakes is stopping your vehicle, but the complete action is a bit more complex. Your brake system is composed of pads, rotors, calipers, lines, and fluid. Brake fluid travels through the lines and actuates the calipers to squeeze the pads against the rotor. Keeping these parts maintained is vital to the overall health of your vehicle.

At Mekaniks Plus in Camarillo, CA, we know how important it is that your brake system functions as it should. Our ASE-certified technicians have seen all sorts of wear and tear, and know the warning signs of brakes in need of repair. With that said, we’ll share with you how to tell when to come in for brake repair.

Brake Fade

One of the tell-tale signs of worn brakes is a long pedal, or soft pedal. There could be two reasons behind this; either there is an air leak in the brake lines, or there’s not enough fluid to press the pads into the rotor. If you start experiencing this problem, it’s a good idea check underneath your vehicle for signs of fluid. The fluid has a gold color, similar to motor oil.

Grinding Noise

If you’re coming to a stop and start hearing an awful grinding noise, chances are your brake pads are in desperate need of repair. Once the brake pad material wears down, all that’s left this metal. Your braking effectiveness will be compromised when this occurs. Worse yet, the metal on metal on contact will cause your brake rotors to warp and scratch, rendering them almost ineffective. We recommend you replace both pads and rotors if this occurs.


Another sign that needs brake repair, especially rotors, is the feeling of vibrations when you come to a stop. This is caused by the brake system becoming overheated over long braking periods. The excess heat will cause the rotor surface to warp and become uneven. Over time the uneven rotors will cause the whole brake assembly to vibrate, hence the vibration you feel when you come to a stop. In addition, the brake pads will wear unevenly, and fail to grab the rotors properly.

No matter what you drive, it is always important to pay attention to how your brakes are functioning. If you experience any of the symptoms listed, it’s high time that they come for brake repair. If you have any questions about brake repair service or other brake components, please give us a call. We can not wait to give your vehicle’s brakes the care it deserves!

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