How To Tell If A Tire Can Be Repaired

How To Tell If A Tire Can Be Repaired

Safe Tire Repair For You

We all know damaged tires are the absolute worst. They’re an inconvenience that can ruin our day and put a hole in our wallet. When you’re driving along with a damaged tire, your first instinct may be to plug the puncture or spray it with emergency sealant. While this may save you in the moment, it’s not a permanent fix.

Our team at Mekaniks Plus in Camarillo, CA, knows that when it comes to fixing a tire, you need a permanent fix. Staffed by a group of ASE-certified master technicians, we have the knowledge and experience to repair your tires in a safe and efficient matter. If you would like more information about tire repair and replacement, please give us a call. Below, we like to tell you when it’s safe and not so safe for tire repair.

When It’s Safe

A tire punctured by a small piece of debris or nail is repairable as long as the hole is no more than a quarter-inch in diameter. Punctures found around the tread area can be repaired. However, if the puncture is found on the tire’s sidewall, it will need replacing ASAP. For tires that have multiple punctures, a repair can happen if they are over a foot apart from one another. Another thing to bear in mind when it comes to a damaged tire is the tire performance. If you drive a damaged tire for too long, it will damage the sidewall beyond the point of repair. Vehicles that come with run-flat tires can buy you enough time to get to an auto shop, but not much more.

When It’s Not Safe

As mentioned above, two common fixes for damaged tires are a sealant and a tire plug. While this saves you on a trip home, it is not a permanent option. Eventually, the plug or sealant will wear out, making it unrepairable afterward. A sealant may also damage a tire’s pressure monitoring system, or TPMS. If there is any damage to the sidewall or shoulder of the tire, the only option is to replace it. Under no circumstances should it be repaired. If your vehicle has suffered a crash, and a tire or tires have suffered cuts or tread separation, then as a safety precaution, the damaged tires will need to be replaced.

Getting proper tire repaired is paramount for keeping your vehicle on the road in a safe manner. Yes, there are ways to fix the problem in a pinch. Overall though, it’s far better to come in and fix the tire problem properly. Four fully-inflated tires are a lot better than three. That is an absolute fact. We can’t wait to chat with you soon!

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